Brave Americans on Grand Canyon

1 四月 , 2010  

I went to Grand Canyon last week. That is very high canyon about two of Taipei 101 height, and there are no balustrades. I saw many Americans stand close to the egde, I was so frightened the danger actions. Didn’t they afraid of falling down to the buttom?

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Taipei Night View – Panoramic Photo

30 五月 , 2008  

I took this panoramic photo at Bishanyan in Taipei of Taiwan. It was pieced from 17 photographs. Use the Mamiya 135mm f2.8 M42 lens, this lens gets good definition, the aircrafts on Sungshan airport could be indentified at 100% original size.

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Canon RAW Codec

27 五月 , 2008  

I realized some people are from abroad to search for this article, therefore I rewrite this in English.
Canon RAW codec can make Windows Vista 32bit version to direct display RAW files (. CR2), looking for pictures will be more convenient.