Canon RAW Codec

27 五月 , 2008  

I realized some people are from abroad to search for this article, therefore I rewrite this in English.
Canon RAW codec can make Windows Vista 32bit version to direct display RAW files (. CR2), looking for pictures will be more convenient.

How to install Canon RAW codec?

Google “canon codec”, click on the first link so that you can link to the latest version

Click on the file name at the bottom

There is a camera support list on the right hand side.

Tick I accept at the bottom, then click Download Software. It will automatically jump to another page and begin to download.

After downloading install it. And then Windows Vista will be able to display the RAW thumbnails directly in the file management window!

Double-click on the thumbnail can also directly show!

With such a convenient codec, RAW does not necessarily have to be transferred into a JPG file, in Windows Vista can see the pictures as well.

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